* Company: SotexAC (Sotex Advantage Corporation)
* Location: Deerfield, IL 60015, U.S.A.
* URL: http://www.SotexAC.com
* Email: Contact@SotexAC.com
* Voice: 847-317-9191
* Fax: 847-317-1689
* CEO: Jun Sota


* SotexAC's expertise lies in the extensive hands-on experience for 30 years to build business relations between people in the U.S. and Japan.


* We will work closely with you to offer ideas and products matching your requirements, and provides the low cost high efficiency solution you need.

* Our customers benefit from best-in-class service, components, systems, leading-edge technology, engineering and years of U.S.-Japan business experience.


* We at SotexAC share many of your desires to develop and offer purpose-built service and problem solving products for you and the specialized needs of your unique market.


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