* A Partnership Approach for Optimum Solutions *

Using the most advanced engineering techniques available in the U.S. and Japan, SotexAC meets the challenge of the 21st century. Our wide-ranging resources have enabled us to take a unified, global approach to quality products.

SotexAC highly respects traditional "intimate" way of doing business. However, this could be significantly enhanced to the next level, making the most of ever-growing information technology that helps people work anywhere at anytime. We see the innovative service opportunities in the best synergy of recent "IT skill" and the traditional value of a "Human Touch".

We work closely with you to focus on optimal solutions, minimized costs, and maximized value for your particular challenging requirements.

SotexAC identifies three (3) "Rights" need to be satisfied for your business success.

1) Right Products
2) Right Timing
3) Right Person

These "3-Rights" have been considerably easier to find now than in the past. With the best synergy of "IT and Human Touch", we appreciate the opportunities to create the new value cooperatively with you and your partners across country, culture and language barriers.

We are designed to provide unique and innovative solutions to address your key problems and have prepared two-way options for some solution challenges for you.

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Marketing & Sales, Procurement, Negotiation, Research & Coordination

* Extensive Business Support is Always Available.
* Our experienced staff will answer your questions and provide individualized assistance.

SotexAC's expertise lies in the extensive hands-on experience to build business relations between people in the U.S. and Japan. We offer practical and results-focused assistance for various working-level issues.


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