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1.Calendar & Events
Japanese National Holidays and Nationwode Events Basic Information from Japan-Guide
Calendar for Year "Calendar Format" from time and date
Annual Calendar Annual Holidays, Events and School Activities from Kidsweb
Calendar of Holidays and Festivals in Japan Calendar of Holidays and Festivals


Weather by Area Forecast by Area from Yomiuri
Current Weather Conditions Most recently observed weather conditions to Select Location from Internet Weather Source
Local Weather Local Weather for Visitors to Japan - Typical weather and weather forecast in Japanese cities and regions.
Japan Weather Association Animated & Satellite Information fromJapan Weather Association (JWA)


Stock Market Extensive Stock Market Informaation from Nikkei
Business Etiquette

Etiqutte, Culture Guide from Executive Plantet

people, culture and business.
Introduction of Japanese Business and Culture from JBA


Prime Minister & Cabinet Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
Baisc Information of Government Basic Information of Japanese Government from japan-guide
Japan - Government Individual Government Organizations from Yahoo Search Dicrectory
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Ministries and Other Organizations Organization Chart of Government of Japan to show Ministries and Other Organizations


5.Restaurant, Foods
Japan Restaurant Association Restaurant searched by Region from JRA
Japan Times Restaurant List Some Tokyo based Restaurant List from Japan Times
Japanese Food
Basic Information about Japanese Food
Enjoying Food in Japan Introduction and overview of Japanese Food for non-Japanese people
Home Cooking Photos Real Japanese Home Cooking shown with photos


6.Travel, Sightseeing & Leasure
Travel Tips Japan Holiday Travel Tips for Visitors
Japan Holiday Tours Sample --- Tours offered by Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd
Japan Prefecture Map Clickable Map per Prefecture for Visitors


7.Hotel & Ryokan
Hotels to Search (1) Hotels to Search per area in Japan from Japan Hotel Association
Hotel Search (2) Hotels to Search per area in Japan fromJapan Hotel net
Hotels to Book Hotel to Reserve from Asia Rooms
Ryokan/Yado & Hotels

Japan Hotel &Ryokan Reservation from Yado Plaza


Various Transportations Various Japanese Transportations and Organizations from Google
Transportaation Overview Japan Transportaation Overview from Class Brain


9.Living in Japan - General
Live in Japan (1) Recycling, Shopping, Government, Healthcare, Postal, Real Estates, Utility, Money, School, VISA from japan.com


The Japan Times The Japan Times - Japanese Major English Newspaper
Daily Yomiuri Online Online News from Japan's Most Popular Yomiuri Shimbun
Asahi.com Online News from Japan's Major Newspaper - Asahi
Nikkei.net Interactive Japan's Most Popular Business News from Nikkei
NewsOnJapan News Collected from Various Newpapers and Resources offered by NewsOnJapan


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